The 10 habits of highly effective ad creatives

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I really enjoyed this article about daily habits that creatives incorporate into their lives. People always ask me: “Do you ever get writer’s block?” and I tell them “Never.” I always have the opposite problem: there’s too much information flowing around inside my head! Why? Because I expose myself to everything. Anything and every inspires me. When you have a creative mind, you should be open to new ideas, experiences, people, places, situations, even when it’s awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, or a bit scary. This habit is my favorite:

3. Consume everything
“I immerse myself completely in knowing everything that’s been done in a genre when I’m working on something, to know where the boundaries are of what has and hasn’t been done,” said Jason Zada, film director. “I consume a lot of things — whether it’s movies, TV shows, articles, just a lot of media — it’s part of knowing what’s fresh or interesting or what hasn’t been done.”


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10 Habits of Highly Effective Creatives



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