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Below are accolades from various clients, supervisors, editors, professors, and sales executives that Mary Catania has worked with in a professional capacity.


“I am impressed by Mary’s writing ability. The best way I can describe her is that SHE GETS IT. She has an amazing ability to capture the attention of the reader, and I’ve had her write materials for all types of demographics.”
– Daniel Passov, President at Design Swagg 

– Michael Brandt, COO and Owner, Brightmove, Inc.

– Ron Morabito, CEO of V Group 

– Brandon Blum, Founder & CEO of BB Management & Investments


“Under my supervision, Mary was the go-to writer on high profile projects and campaigns. She distinguished herself by consistently developing exceptionally well-researched and compelling copy on brief, almost always before her tasks are due. She diligently probed for feedback from clients to ensure the content developed met objectives. Mary is very intelligent and has excellent communications skills. She is a strong team player capable of working as part of a creative group toward a common goal. She is adept at taking direction and expanding upon it, consistently exceeding expectations by delivering multiple solutions to a given request. Mary has a profound impact on the voice of the National University System.”
– Mike Burgos, Creative Director, The National University System

– Loren Simon, Senior Director of Online Marketing at 

– Rachel Saldivar, Director, MedImpact Healthcare Systems


“Under my supervision as editor of Delaware Today magazine, a glossy, full-colored monthly lifestyle magazine, Mary wrote and published short feature articles as an intern in our editorial department. Mary stood out among the interns because she was a bright, energetic, and productive writer. She was able to turn around assignments quickly with minimal direction. What stood out most were her positive attitude, her persistence, and her resourcefulness.”
-Marsha Mah, Editor-In-Chief, Delaware Today magazine


“Mary was my student in a Creative Nonfiction course at San Diego City College. She has the passion, focus, discipline, and enthusiasm of an excellent writer. She chooses interesting subject matter and brought her own insights and experience from her journalism training to the table. She is both analytic and experimental in her approach to writing. Her work is always on deadline, polished, and persuasive. Mary “gets” the writing community. She always respectful, but provides critical feedback to other writers and creative professionals.”
– Nancy Cary, Professor of English, San Diego City College

– Ben Yagoda, Professor of English, University of Delaware

– Frank Montesonti, Lead Faculty, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program, National University

Sales Executives

“I had the great pleasure of interacting with Mary on a nearly daily basis at MedImpact. Mary has a very demanding position requiring long hours and weekends. She has exceptional networking abilities, the best communication skills, attention to minute detail, and a repository of pharmaceutical industry knowledge.”
– John Tintinalli, Vice President, Product Management at CareerStep

– Mark Decker, Vice President, Business Development and Alliances, Sentry Data Systems