How much more can I say about dog food?

As a follow up to our print ad assignment for class, our instructor had us build out a landing page, and eBlast, and a radio spot for a product we use every day. Here are my final copy components:

[Class Assignment: Landing Page]
Landing Page
We’ve Got Your Dog’s Fine Dining Covered
Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato and Bison Dry Formula
What’s that mouth-watering aroma wafting through the kitchen air? Is it a casserole baking in the oven? Nope. It’s your dog’s dinner.
Tonight, let Fido feast on baked Bison and succulent Sweet Potato.
Not All Kibble is Created Equal
Responsible dog owners know that most dog foods contain fillers like corn that harm your pet’s health. Natural Balance kibble is made with two vital ingredients: bison, a rare farm-to-table protein source, and sweet potato, a root vegetable carbohydrate. Our kibble is scientifically formulated to provide all-natural, complete, and balanced nutrition for all stages of your pet’s life.
Treat Your Dog to a Healthy Dinner Tonight
Finally! A food for my finicky dogs. Now they have something to wag their tails about when its time to prepare their dinner.
-Tiffany D
Your food is amazing! It’s full of all the right ingredients and has great nutritional value.
– Andy Z
Class Assignment eBlast
[subject line]
Receive 50% off Natural Balance Products Today
Doggy Indulgence Without the Guilt
Now that Fido has feasted on our kibble, continue to pamper your pooch’s palette with other Natural Balance Bison & Sweet Potato flavored products:
  • Canned Wet Food
  • Premium Food Rolls
  • Jerky Bars
  • Biscuits
  • Bones
Receive 50% off Natural Balance treat products with your purchase of any Natural Balance Bison & Sweet Potato dry formula bag.
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Class Assignment – Radio Spot
What’s your dog having for dinner tonight? Not all kibble is created equal. Skip the corn-filled doggy junk food and pamper your pooch’s palette with Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison, a limited ingredient diet that satisfies even the most finicky eaters. Let Fido feast on a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet formulated for all stages of your pet’s life. Give your dog something to wag his tail about. Go to: natural-balance-inc-dot-com today for your free sample.
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