"Find Your" Own Headlines People

 “Find Your” Own Headlines  People

I recently started writing TV commercials and have noticed that in the industry, most TV scripts have been replaced with scores. Music is speaking for the visuals now. So what is the role of the copywriter now in TV? Part of the commercial is conception and story-boarding, coming up with scenes that tell a story without words. Some commercials, like our most recent younger audience spot, is using actual text on the screen. “Your Passion” for example. We recently saw an Expedia commercial that inspired us. Each scene said “Find Your….” One was people attending a football game and the caption read, “Find Your Religion.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB490uu07S4

After seeing this, I am seeing this tagline everywhere. Corona is using it to promote their beer on print ads and billboards, “Find Your Beach.”

A cute little boutique in Little Italy writes in their eBlast “Find Your Style.”

Why does the advertising industry constantly steal and reinvent other company’s ideas? I can’t help but want to use this phrase as a copywriter, because it works on so many levels, but advertising should be unique and copy should be original.

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