Enough With the New Year’s Advertisments

Now that we are all back from our long, relaxing, alcohol-ridden, cookie-consuming, indulgent holiday break, we have to revert back to our daily routine. That means eating a well balanced diet, frequenting the overcrowded gym, and working on new projects. That also means boring.

Advertisers love seasonal campaigns. They jump at any and every opportunity to sell their product in a new way that corresponds with the time of year. The New Year is a time of self promise and hope for a better future. What better way to sell your products than jumping on the happiness and positivity bandwagon frame of mind? What advertisers don’t realize is that every retailer out there is putting out the same exact message. And its annoying. And redundant.

Below are sample e-blasts I have received over the last 24 hours. What ones do you find most intriguing, if any? My favorite was Meetup.com’s ad because it tells us to do something completely outrageous: break our resolutions. Quit my job?! Eat More?! Drink More?! Of course these are appealing choices. Meetup.com is catering to our vices, and our nature to want to socialize and continue the ephemeral holiday extravaganzas. This is how we as advertisers should be thinking. Give your audience something unexpected, novel, and entertaining. Stop copying the masses.

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