Do Your Know Who is Sending Your eBlasts?

Before I started taking this promotional copywriting class, I didn’t scrutinize my company’s practice for sending out eblasts. Sure, I wrote catchy subject lines for our eblasts, but I never asked a crucial question: who is the email coming from? It’s important for the copywriter to know who the sender of the email is because it effects what your subject line should say.

For example, our marketing department did not supply me with the FROM information for a golf invitational registration confirmation, so I couldn’t tell whether to insert the entire name of the event or not into the subject line. When I found out that the sender was National University Golf Academy, I quickly figured out how to write the subject line: “You’re Confirmed for the February 11th Invitational Golf Tournament”
This seems like such as minor detail to focus on, but if you don’t have a logical and compelling subject line, then your emails won’t be opened. People happily delete hundreds of emails a day, so don’t let yours get lost in the trashbin.
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