Creative Core Values



Creative Philosophy


Mission Statement

Catania Creative Ink’s mission is to provide head-turning, eye-opening, jaw dropping content for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. I aim to surprise my clients by discovering novel ways of marketing and advertising their products and services.

Creative Core Values

Below are my creative core values that are the heart and soul of my writing business and how I operate on a daily basis:
1. Curiosity is Key - every great writer asks a lot of questions.
2. Listen More, Speak Less - the best writers are empathetic listeners.
3. Create Memorable & Unique Copy - why fit in when you were born to stand out?
4. Never Miss a Deadline.
5. Stay Hungry and Passionate – write from your heart, not your brain.
6. Never Stop Learning – constantly immerse yourself in new ideas.
7. Treat Customers Like Gold.
8. Never Stop Thinking – inspiration comes when you least expect it.
9. Treat Advertising as Art – treat your career as a craft, rather than a job.
10. Think Like an Entrepreneur and an Artist.