Lulu Lemon: Know No Bounds

Lulu Lemon creatives know yoga. They also know no bounds.

I stumbled upon this eblast today: “know no bounds.” If you aren’t a yogi, this model is attempting to do scorpion pose, an advanced posture in yoga. The camera has captured her right before she will bring her left leg up to join her right. It’s a beautiful balancing posture.
know no bounds
As a yoga enthusiast, I look forward to receiving eblasts from Lulu every couple days. While many retailers use pretty models with zero muscle definition, Lulu scouts strong and powerful yogis, women I see myself next to in Vinyasa class everyday. Women with fortitude and focus and discipline, who aren’t afraid to sweat and get their hair messed up and do crazy inversion and fall on their faces after attempting handstand after frustrating handstand.

Othertime, Lulu tells me about the newest fashions they are offering for each upcoming season. I love the pops of hunter green seeping into their clothing for the fall:
Ebb To Street Bra

While other times, they send me instructional videos on how to improve upon one of my favorite yoga poses, the wheel:

The creatives behind Lulu are geniuses: they keep their consumers engaged and coming back for more. I crave their clothing AND their advertising.