Can I Email You The Receipt?

Retailers are getting smarter.

Here I am, standing in line at Macy’s purchasing a cocktail dress for my friend’s birthday party in downtown San Diego. The cashier rings me up and asks me politely, “Would you like the receipt emailed to you, or in the bag?”

Next, I head to Urban Outfitters and buy a funky shirt dress, perfect happy hour attire. Again, the same words float through the retail air when the cashier completes my purchase: “Can I email you the receipt?”

A few days later, I am taking my French Bulldog Bleu to the VCA in Hillcrest for his annual shots. The vet techs want to know if they can email the receipt to me instead? And I think, sure, that way I have a record of his office visit.

Emailing receipts is Eco-friendly, but is it email friendly? For people like me who love to be inundated with frivolous eblasts from countless companies everyday, I don’t mind giving out my personal email. I like checking out different offers, looking at pretty pictures, and well-written copy.

But what about the consumers who are more private about their private email accounts? They don’t realize by forking over their email address to Macy’s that their inbox will be invaded with 20 percent off coupons, annual holiday sales, and more.

Good advertising practice, or bad?

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