Apple is Tipping the Tech-Life Balance

“When you think about your iPhone, it’s probably the product you use most in your life,” says a Senior Apple designer in their official iPhone 5 TV commerical launch.
Apple continues to capitalize on our society’s smart phone addiction by coming out with an upgraded iPhone every few months. We are obsessed with having the latest gadgets and afraid that if we don’t upgrade, we will be left behind with all the outdated, uncool iPhone “4ers.” The Apple commercial tells us that the “laws of physics are well, just guidelines.” Apple seems to be saying that by making their phone “bigger, yet smaller,” they have defied the laws of natures; their mobile device is somehow miraculous. What great advertising! Why? Because people keep buying them. 
Did you know that Apple stores make more money per square foot than the retailer Tiffanys? (source: Jeopardy!)
Apple has found a way to tip the tech-life balance in their favor. I get separation anxiety from my phone the same way I do with if my dog isn’t around. I need to know its accessible at all times, but why do I feel so strongly about a square interface?

Has our addiction to smartphones gotten in the way of our quality of life, our personal relationships? Or has the iPhone enhanced them?

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